Total – 100M Token Supply


Token Circulation 46.5M

Total Burned 53.5M


Token Circulation 46.5M

Total Burned 53.5M

Where To Buy BlueSparrow Tokens

BlueBit LTD

BlueSparrow token is a division of BlueBit Ltd. is our new, state-of-the-art trading app. With full capabilities to trade everything! Giving you access to the crypto markets and traditional financial markets. Its lighting fast, clean, modern and very easy to navigate! 


Extra Reward Mechanism

De-Centralized Platform

Lifetime Rewards

7 Daily Winners 

Win ETH & Tokens Everyday


Centralized Exchange

Crypto & Financial Market

Commodity Trading on MT5

Forex Trading

Secure, Clean & Fast

About us

BlueSparrow and BlueBit are a synergy like no other!

The BlueSparrow token was launched 28th October 2021 and was designed to benefit people in all parts of the world no matter the circumstance, country, culture or economic disadvantage. One reason that makes that possible; our draw system!

We have pioneered a concept that we see in the real world and present an opportunity for you; a unique & live, daily crypto draw.

We reward our holders with cryptocurrency gifts – Ethereum and tokens!

It’s really fun and it can make a real difference to people’s lives, their families’ lives and most of all their general overall happiness to win hundreds of dollars or even thousands as you have 2555 chances to win each year, per wallet.

Joining BlueSparrow today will give you seven chances a day to win, ease your worries and secure your future by winning Ethereum and BlueSparrow tokens sent directly to your wallet.

In March 2022 we made one of the most exciting announcements of all time – That BlueSparrow will have its own centralised exchange and is set to be the official native token for BlueBit. is no ordinary crypto exchange. Stepping into the BlueBit trading seat gives you direct access to trade all Commodities and Forex, not just Crypto!
This includes precious metals, oil and gas with the integration of the world-renowned MT5 platform with leverage and Spot Trading.

As one of the very few trading platforms in the world that can accommodate all trading instruments, we are a unique offering in the industry.

BlueBit’s features include up-to-date account information as well as a powerful trading system, allowing you to trade successfully. The platform also features market depth, separate accounting of orders and trades, and supports all types and modes of trading orders.

Furthermore, our clients can use our simple exchange feature to convert any listed crypto to USD at any time to be used within the platform back and forth effortlessly.

With all the features of our BlueBit LTD trading app available in the app store, we have attracted the attention of many. We also include an IBB room where you can generate your own personal affiliate link or QR code to share with anyone and in return receive 20% of profits from their account.

Globally, hundreds of brokers and banks offer MetaTrader 5 services to millions of traders.
For this reason we chose MT5 as it is the most sophisticated, powerful & secure system in the world.
As a community-focused team, we listened to our holders’ needs and then developed BlueBit with the utmost proficiency, providing a state-of-the-art global exchange to our growing BlueSparrow community and many new clients.

We set ourselves apart from other projects, as your life’s hardships become BlueSparrow’s mission to solve. To bring hope and happiness in the crypto world, everyday with gifts and to be part of the growth of centralised exchange and holding that native token for your future.

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Phase 1

  • Token Launch
  • Contract Audit V1
  • Website Launch V1
  • Social Media Launch
  • 1000+ Holders
  • Daily Draw 250+ Holders
  • 2000+ Community Members

Phase 2

  • Weekly Draw 1000+ Holders
  • Coingecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing
  • 5000+ Holders
  • 10000+ Community Members
  • Monthly Draw after 30 Days
  • BlueBit LTD Registration
  • Apple Store App (BlueBit LTD)
  • CEX Launch (
  • MT5 + Forex Launch

Phase 3

  • Listing On Small Exchanges
  • New Partnerships
  • 15000+ Holders
  • Influencers Marketing
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Charity
  • BlueSparrow App Launch
  • Contract V2 Launch
  • Contract Audit V2

Phase 4

  • Website Launch V2
  • Bonus Competition
  • NFT Platform Launch
  • NFT Airdrop
  • Listing On Major Exchanges
  • Whitepaper V2
  • 30000+ Holders
  • Surprise!

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